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... naturally pain free!

The climate in the Gasteiner Heilstollen is unique worldwide. Because of its high success rates, it is considered the most effective "cure" in the Gastein Valley. Radon, warmth and high air humidity - these three active factors result in this healing climate.

Health from the depths of the Tauern.

A tunnel train takes you 2.5 km into the interior of the mountain. The warmth and high humidity cause the body to overheat to 38 ° C, which increases radon absorption. The noble gas radon stimulates the metabolism of the cells through its short-term radiation stimulus.

The different temperatures and moisture levels in the individual wards allow the treatment to be individually adapted to the particular clinical picture and the heat tolerance of the patient.

Natural therapy is used for the following diseases:

• Bechterew's disease • osteoarthritis • fibromyalgia • psoriatic arthritis • allergies
• Degenerative spine syndromes • Respiratory diseases • Skin diseases

For prevention: The Gastein healing tunnel treatment improves the body's ability to regulate. This can make a significant contribution to maintaining health.

For newcomers, the Gastein healing tunnel also offers trial entrances!

We are one of the closest houses to the Gasteiner Heilstollen - only a five-minute drive away - and are happy to help you schedule your Heilstollen entries.

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